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Mentoring Program for Tennessee CLE

  Program Overview
Welcome Beginning Lawyers, Mentors, and Sponsoring Organizations.

Beginning July 1, 2013 help is on the way…

Mentoring becomes available for CLE credit on July 1, 2013. Attorneys can earn up to 6 hours per year of dual credit for participation as a mentor or mentee in a program meeting standards established by the Commission.

What is Mentoring?
The Mentoring initiative is the realization of many years of hard work and dedication by current and past Commission members and staff. It grew out of a desire to bridge the gap between the law school experience and the real world of law practice. There are many types of law practice and there is not a one size fits all guide to how to become the best lawyer in your chosen field of practice. There are many experienced and well respected lawyers in the State of Tennessee who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. This mentoring initiative provides an opportunity for experienced lawyers to share their knowledge and expertise with a beginning lawyer and to help guide them to become the best lawyer that they can be. Step up to the challenge and help enhance the profession by making sure that no beginning attorney has to be wait listed or turned away for lack of a mentor.
  Certification for CLE Credit

In order to received CLE credit for participation in a mentoring program the Mentor and Beginning attorney must sign a statement certifying success completion of the mentoring plan. In addition participants must complete the Commission’s standardized online evaluation form.

Press Release
Click here to read the official press release from the TN Continuing Legal Education Committee on the new Mentoring Program
Mentoring FAQ
Click Here to View Frequently Asked Questions about the TN Mentoring Program
Mentor Training
The Commission will begin a series of Training Sessions on the Mentoring Program on May 2, 2013. Click Here for more information on Mentor Training 
Mentoring Forms
The Commission has created a series of templates that Sponsoring Organizations can use to establish a Mentoring Program.  Click Here to View these Forms
Mentoring Requirements
Click Here to View the requirement for both Mentors and Beginning Attorneys as well as the Program Prohibitions
Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Training Program
The Commission has developed a series of worksheets to be used by participating attorneys and organizations for the training and application of the Mentoring Program. Click Here to view our Mentoring Program Worksheets
Approved Sponsoring Organizations
Click Here to view a listing of approved sponsoring organizations for mentoring
Mentoring Links
Click here to view a list of useful links relating to the TN Mentoring Program