Mentoring Program Worksheets

Worksheet A - First Meeting of The New Lawyer And Mentor

Worksheet AA - Planning For Retirement, Death Or Disability

Worksheet B - Introduction To The Mentor’S Office

Worksheet BB - Leaving A Firm

Worksheet C - Introduction To The Organized Bar

Worksheet CC - Client Development

Worksheet D - Law’S Five Challenges To Thriving

Worksheet DD - Introduction To Client Decision-Making & Involvement

Worksheet E - The Courthouse

Worksheet EE - Introduction To Case Evaluation

Worksheet F - The Local Jail

Worksheet FF - Introduction To Difficult Clients

Worksheet G - Introduction To Pro Bono, Civic And Charitable Activities

Worksheet GG - Introduction To Client Communication

Worksheet H - A Lawyer’S Creed And A Lawyer’S Aspirational Ideals

Worksheet - HH Introduction To Legal Counseling

Worksheet I - Career Objectives

Worksheet II - Introduction To Dealing With Others

Worksheet J - Career Satisfaction

Worksheet JJ - Introduction To Depositions

Worksheet K - Energy Management & Life Balance

Worksheet KK - Negotiation

Worksheet L - Substance Abuse And Mental Health Issues

Worksheet LL - Legal Writing

Worksheet M - Career Paths

Worksheet MM - Alternative Dispute Resolution (“Adr”)

Worksheet N - Management Of Law School Debt

Worksheet NN - Appellate Courts

Worksheet O - Malpractice And Grievance Traps

Worksheet OO - Co-Counseling

Worksheet P - Resources For Ethical Issues

Worksheet PP - Flexible And Accurate Thinking For Optimism

Worksheet Q - Malpractice Insurance

Worksheet QQ - Strengths-Based Lawyering

Worksheet R - Lawyer Misconduct

Worksheet S - Grievance Process

Worksheet T - Law Office Management

Worksheet U - Time Management

Worksheet V - Client Confidentiality

Worksheet W - Conflicts Of Interest

Worksheet X - Office Personnel

Worksheet Y - Prevention Of The Unauthorized Practice Of Law

Worksheet Z - Office Politics