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Course No.Course NameDate RangeLocationDual CreditsGeneral Credits
272694Confronting Bias in the Legal Profession1/1/2021 - 12/31/2022Online, On-demand2.020.00
297325LL.M. in Human Rights1/1/2021 - 12/31/2022Vienna, Austria12.0024.00
301557County and Youth Court Updates3/1/2021 - 9/1/2022Online0.001.00
284888Mitigating Third-Party Risk in the Digital Supply Chain: Best Management Strategies Explored6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.50
284865What’s New for M&A Landscape: Trends, Developments, and Legal Challenges6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00
284938IT in M&A Transactions: Strategies to Conquer Complexities6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00
284455Behavioral Ethics 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00
284456Better Practices: A Roundtable Discussion on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Legal Profession 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand1.580.00
284457Board Oversight and Program Structure: Program Authority and Independence 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00
284458Compliance and Ethics Risk Assessments: The Foundation of Effective Programs 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00
284459Compliance Codes, Training and Communications6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00
284460Diversity in Law Practice: Recent Legal Developments 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.25
284461Ethics for Compliance Lawyers and Compliance Officers 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand1.000.00
284462Helplines, Investigations and Responding to Misconduct 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00
284463Hot Topics in Compliance and Ethics 6/30/2021 - 6/29/2022On-Demand0.001.00